Because no everyone wants to make pastry from scratch!! We have delicious rolls of shortcrust & puff pastry for your bulk needs down to the most delicate petit four shells. On a savoury note we have pie bottoms & lids or herbed quiche shells - all in a variety of sizes. Order Online

Premixes & Flours

The say the most dangerous cake to make is a wedding cake! For those willing to chance it we have a huge range of quality flours. For the not so brave try our premixes produced locally & in Italy…. All the maximum flavours with minimum effort. Order Online

Essence & Concentrates

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a little extra kick! Our extensive range can add extra flavour, aroma and visual appeal to your finished goods. Our alcohol based concentrates are an affordable alternative for your cooking requirements. Order Online


Shiny fruit tarts, icing roses, chocolate shavings, piping gels, glossy ganache, sprinkles, crunchy chocolate beads, sugared lemons slices all add that “YUM” factor to those special sweet treats. Our IRCA range also includes ready made buttercream icing & glossy edible glitter gel for a point of difference with minimum fuss. Order Online


Our ever evolving (and improving!) section. Chia seeds to coconut oil with a little Paleo or vegan produce in-between. The gluten free selection seems to grow daily and we are always open to new suggestions to stock. Order Online

Grains & Seeds

Grains, beans, nuts and seeds are all in the same family as they are actually all seeds….nowadays we stock all the newbies like Quinoa, Chia & freekah as well as our flatulent favourites Lentils & Chick Peas Order Online

Herbs & Spices

We have a quality range of herbs & spices to improve every mouthful & make every dish more exciting. Our spice rack is an essential for every kitchen. Order Online

Olives & Antipasto

Our Mediterranean section: we’ve all heard the benefits, now enjoy the taste of sundried tomatoes, chargrill eggplants, marinated artichokes, olives….maybe washed down with a cheeky red wine for maximum health benefits? Order Online


What do you call an egg taking a snooze on the job? Egg-zosted! For those big jobs we have pre-cracked egg pulp in up to 10kg cartons, pre-separated yolk & whites and for the animal lovers amongst us a free range option in all of the above! Order Online

Cheese & Dairy

All our delicious milk based products including cheeses, creams, yoghurt & ice-cream. Order Online